Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Am I the only one?

Okay... I work. My husband's retired. Now, granted, I don't work every day. At least, I don't drive the 30 miles into my office every day. But, on those days when I do, I've asked my sweetie if he didn't think it would be nice for him to make the bed while I'm in the shower, or make a smoothie or a bowl of Quaker Oats for breakfast. I even suggested that it would be nice when I get home at 7:30, after putting in a 10 hour day, if he'd have dinner ready.

Well... I do happen to live with one of the twelve sweetest men on the planet. And as far as his sense of fun... he ranks up there in the top two. I wouldn't trade him! Not for anyone and not for anything.

But.... am I the only one who thinks he hasn't quite taken hold of the idea of "helping" when I come home from showing properties and find that his idea of making dinner is putting a couple of chicken breasts on a plate to thaw, and plugging in the George Foreman grill. If he wasn't so dang sincere about it, I'd be a tad ticked off... I think... But, he's just so proud of himself, that I can only laugh, season the chicken, place it in the grill, make a salad & some rice, set the table and thank him for helping with dinner.

I don't want those of you who have hubby's who are gourmet cooks, who do the wash, and vacuum the floors to go getting all cocky, now. Wayne has vacuumed, he's never done the wash, but he has made the bed... sort of. It's kinda hard to tell when he's finished that it's been made. He has made breakfast, at least he's taken the cold cereal box out of the cupboard and put it on the table, he's made hamburgers for dinner once, and smoothies for breakfast. Although I did catch him just in time to stop him from putting cottage cheese and a whole apple in our fruit smoothie a couple of weeks ago. I'm talking WHOLE apple, ..seeds, core, stem, price sticker. We have a pretty dang powerful machine, but why chance it! I kind of regretted not letting him try the cottage cheese. Who knows, it just might have been pretty good.

Anyway, he keeps his clothes up off the floor, cleans the shower every time he uses it, and always squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube... so, if you take all that into account, along with the fact that he listens to my blather whenever I want to talk...even if a Jazz game's on, and he makes me laugh every day, and he's always provided me with a home with a great view and a car that makes it every where I want to go and back home again without breaking down... well, except for the T-bird, oh, and the Suburban. I've had it, and continue to have it pretty good. Life has been bitter occasionally, but generally pretty sweet, and sometimes, just downright delicious! Maybe I've always had to season the chicken, but he's spiced up our life together.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What was that again?

So... It's a typical evening at home. I'm sitting in my faded, tattered and torn, but very comfy, chair sharing a burrito with Wayne and watching Bill O'Reilly. He brings up the topic of a recent show on Oprah... OPRAH, a mainstream, nationally syndicated and respected program... featuring a MAN who is 12 weeks pregnant.

What did I just say? What was that again?

Yes. It's true! A transexual MAN who still had his ovaries in tact was artificially insemenated with "lil swimmers" and he became impregnated. He'll be delivering in three months. They actually showed a video of him walking out on stage on the "O" show. It was bordering on outright creepy to see a guy in a pair of maternity pants.

Now... I don't know what you think about that... but I'm thinking, if he wanted to have a baby... why didn't "he" stay a "she"? This "guy" is married (to a woman), so why couldn't they have made arrangements for her to have the baby?

And what the heck was with the ob/gyn who planted the eggs in this gender confused patient? Can we say, "Just make that check out to Dr. Blank Brain." boys and girls? What else could he have been thinking about other than his hefty fee for service? And where are the people who donated the eggs and pollywogs for this experiment? The whole thing gives me the willy's.

I understand that the world gets wackier by the minute, and that medicine is making great strides, and that once upon a time the general population couldnt' imagine prosthetic hands with fingers that move and grip. I know all that. But... this is just waaaay too wierd for me!! I can't convince myself that it's an "advancement" toward anywhere I think I care to go.