Monday, March 3, 2008

Cadbury Eggs

Ask my daughter what her favorite Easter Candy is and she'll most lilkely say, "Minature Cadbury Eggs". Of course I know that's not true. She REALLY loves the caramel eggs from See's or Mrs. Cavanaugh's. But, let's just set that technicality aside for a minute....

She and I were invited to meet the "Stott women" at Olive Garden for some tasty food and a gab fest last Friday. Ten of us gathered around a table at the eatery while we chewed and chatted our way through a couple of hours of reminiscing, sharing, and passing around the two newest members of our close knit extended family.

The party spilled over to Trina's house for crepe's stuffed with napolean ice crem and covered with fresh strawberries and hot fudge. More laughter... more chatter...more warmth from one another's company.

It was perfect! Almost. My favorite thing to do with the gathering of sisters, cousins, daughters and best friends is to sit on a couch somewhere for an evening and soak up their sunshine. Well, almost my favorite. The technical truth is... I prefer a looong week-end, sitting in camping chairs somewhere in the mountains, in our menfolk's beloved Southern Utah, at Bear lake... wherever and anywhere.

So, if you ask me my favorite thing to do with the women who were either born or married into the Stott family, I would most like say, "Spend a Friday night eating and giggling together." But, like the Cadbury eggs sitting on the coffee table, it's technically a second favorite.