Saturday, December 8, 2007

Second chances....

I love second chances.
If I can get the hang of this...maybe I'll use it for "morning musings"... Nah, probably not. I have a hard time thinking that blogging is a good way to have a private diary of sorts. Maybe we'll just keep those quiet ramblings that saunter through my mind now and then a little more personal. On a disk I can hide under the mattress or toss in the firepit.
Life is sweet here at the Hollow. It's a serene existance. I find myself liking the calmness of it. Of course, I am who I have always been. The California girl surfaces from time to time and screams to go for a ride or out shopping. She wants to have someone else prepare her lunch and clean up the mess after she eats. So, I do have to bundle her up and take her up Spanish Fork Canyon to stroll through the quaint shops in Springville and treat her to a stuffed breadstick at Magleby's. For the most part, though, she sleeps peacefully in the recesses if my memory and allows my spirt to bask in the quiet beauty of our little kingdom in Fairview.
I just read an e-mail from my good friend, Lin, who invited Wayne and I to go to a private (very private... two couples only) New Years Eve party in St. George. It sounds wonderful.
We're trying to figure out what we could do with Davin. We have him staying with us after Christmas. We may have to decline their gracious invitation and stay home and lift a glass of the bubbly with our ten year old grandson to ring in 2008. I call that making a good memory for ourselves and someone we love, so we'll be content with that decision. I think we'll have to make confetti sacks of birdseed, and throw long strips of orange and apple rinds out in the grove at midnight. We can let him make as much noise as he wants with whistles and bells and tin horns. Yes, that sounds like what we'll do. I'd love to spend the holiday with Lin and Allen, playing games and eating yummies in a warmer part of the state... perhaps another year. I want to make as many memories with my children and grandchildren as I can while I'm still here and able to make them. Lately I haven't been able to get enough of Chandi and John and their brood of three... or of staying with Dustin, Dallin and Davin and watcing them with each other and with their dad... I only get to talk with Cordell on my minimally functioning cell phone... but, it's so much fun to keep up with his daily activities. I think the only thing I enjoy more than I enjoy the Hollow.... is being with my five children and their families. aahhhh.... so good! I could slurp them up like hot soup.
Christmas is creeping up on me... well, not creeping, actually. It's more like a sprint. I have the shopping done (except for Dallin and John... they're the two that keep me so perplexed each year) I have wrapping paper and tape and am excited to get the packages wrapped. I can't decorate them until we get up north, however. I have ALL of my ribbon and package toppers stored at Chandi's home. Not too bright. I had to scrounge just to wrap a present for the office party. I never claimed to be a detail person.
Well... enough of this for now. I may write again tonight or tomorrow or in 2011. Who knows? Right now... there are important things that need to be taken care of, like making a sandwich for my man who has been spending his morning in the cold, make that extremely cold, as in about 12 degrees cold, garage fixing the headlights on the Outback. He's a sweetie!