Friday, July 13, 2012

A tsk, tsk, a tasket, and an overflowing basket

My youngest son has spent a large part of the last several years backpacking through some of the farthest reaches of our wonderful world.  He's stayed with impoverished families in their huts in not often traveled valleys and hilltops of many countries.  He's shared meager meals of rice and roots that have been unfailingly offered by generous people who have little to share.  He's seen both sadness and joy in the eyes of little children too soon grown old.  He's been warmed by the welcome of men and women who could carry all they own in smaller bags than we use to carry home our weekly groceries. 

He asked me the other day if I ever stopped to think about the things that I have enjoyed that much  of the world has never even imagined....will never have a memory of.  It was one of those "tsk, tsk, shame on me" times that brought me to my knees... literally... as I began to list a few small pleasures that so many will never know.  Here are a few.

How many are there who have never:

toasted a marshmallow over a campfire
owned a pretty pair of earrings
bent down to breathe in the fragrance of a rose growing in their own garden
wrapped a birthday present for their child
gone to grandma's house for Sunday dinner
beachcombed for sea glass, agates, or sand dollars
tasted a fresh strawberry
known the delightful sight of hummingbirds gathered around a feeder
sat on the patio drinking hot cocoa under the stars
whispered secrets and giggled under a blanket with their best friend
held a healthy, chubby, baby in their arms

My list is much longer than this.  My basket is bountifully filled, and I am blessed.  Not because I have a lovely home or leather upholstery in my car... not because I have a large variety of stores nearby filled with an abundance of wares, and the cash in my pocket to buy them.  But, because I have so many small, tender moments filled with such sweetness.  Because I know what a marvel it is to discover a small piece of blue glass washed and polished by the sea. 

I would ask that if anyone reads this, they take a pen in hand and make a list of their own.  It's a good thing for us to remember and reflect on those little, too often unnoticed, things that are precious in our lives.


Mare said...

Oh how we have missed your insights into life!! I certainly agree that we have so much and others have so really boggles the mind. Yet there are some of us who find joy in the moments and experiences that the very rich and famous will never see/feel/experience.

Kay said...

How wonderful to have you back with us, Caryn.

As a matter of fact, when our son was serving in Mali with the Peace Corps he became friends with a Malian teacher. This teacher visited with us in Illinois.

Sadio stayed with us and we introduced him to different kinds of food which he loved.

One thing that really boggled his mind was the abundance of water and grass. Mali is very dry. When we took him to the park, he asked if it was alright to sit on the grass. We told him he could do whatever he wanted. He dropped to the grass and lay down on it. He thought it was so luxurious.

Then we were at McDonalds and I happened to have a coupon for a free soft serve. The rest of us didn't feel like it but we got one for Sadio. We were amazed that he couldn't figure out how to eat it at first. We actually had to tell him to just lick it. Since the rest of us weren't eating a cone, there was no one to copy. He did, of course LOVE it.

I do believe we take so much for granted.

Lin Floyd said...

Having your very best friend in the world who hasn't blogged for years despite your earnest encouragement finally return and share some of her beautiful thoughts with the world...thanks. Lin

Jo, a retired teacher said...

I, too, have missed your posts, and am happy to see your blog again.

We are extremely fortunate and I often wonder if some members of the younger generations realize this. Obviously, your son does.

My list would be very long too.

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Of late, I had a really hunger in my heart to begin a new notebook to record a short list of things I'm grateful for for that day. I did one years ago and it set me on a path of looking for glimpses in all manner of unexpected places.

I so enjoyed your posting and your own list of lovelies.

So nice to find you online today!

Best of the best to you........

MoonOverSangha said...

I have not been on to blogspot in a long time. It is one of the websites blocked in Kazakhstan, and while I am not longer there but joyfully and aimlessly wandering around the globe, I just haven't checked in, and certainly have not written anything myself. I am happy now though to see my dear mother finally write again. You best do it a tad more frequently than either of us have done of late. Oh, and I am going to see you oh so very soon. Yay for me!!!

Susanne Holland Spicker said...

What a perfect time of the year for me to read your post and contemplate my own bounteous blessings! We take so many things for granted--thank you for reminding me of the simple things that are so special in my life.

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avecwings said...

so very true
n my list like yours would is endless