Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deep Sighs and Big Slobbery Sobs

I'm generally a pretty upbeat type of gal. It's not my M.O. to get too down for too long. But, I'm making an exception today.

Have I mentioned how much my hubby and I love life at the Hollow? We have a fair sized creek on the west side of the property with the covered bridge crossing it. There's a little babbling stream on the east side that runs alongside our vegetable garden. Both are just the right size to splash in safely. We have a grove of trees to hide in and have easter egg hunts in, and pick the little individual boxes of breakfast cereal that my daughter and I hang from the branches. We have three pastures. The lower one has plum trees with such tasty fruit to fill tummies with. It's the ideal place to shoot pvc pipe bows and pencil eraser tipped arrows, and play kick ball. The upper pasture is two and a half acres up a slight incline and is great for our annual HUGE bonfire and riding four wheelers. We lease out this fun upper pasture to neighbors who keep four horses there during the fall that are available for petting or riding. We have chickens to chase, a great dog to play with, a cool hammock to swing in, a play house to climb on, slide down and jump from, and a fire pit for gathering around listening to Poppy's Uncle Zedekiah stories while toasting marshmallows... it's a kids paradise. Wayne and I were so excited to find a place so perfect for the grandkids to come and stay and be safe while exploring and doing all of the adventuresome things little boys can dream up to do in a setting like this. Have you heard about the "best laid plans of mice and men"?

taking deep breath... exhaling slowly...

My daughter called today. She was on her way home from taking my five year old grandson to the allergist. She learned that he's allergic to our dog, (we knew that) and horses, and tall grasses (ie: the pastures), and probably our chickens. This is only a partial list of his allergies. Chandi and her boys will NOT be able to come and visit us here any longer. Can I just tell you how bad she and I are feeling about this? It stinks! Not to mention how hard it's going to be for that sweet child to keep away from everything that can send him to the emergency room. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that he doesn't just get itchy eyes or bumpy, red blotches on his cheeks. He can't in trip to the emergency room to be put on a respirator, can't breathe. He has an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts. And we're not sure how extreme his re-action to some of the other allergies could become.

Rats! That's something else he's allergic to....mice and rats. His doting uncles, my three sons, bought the boys three pet mice for Christmas. Who knew? They were a big hit. They named the white one Crisco, the gray one Rhino, and the brown one with a white strip around his middle, Oreo. Chandi noticed Ryson's eyes would start to swell when he held the one that was his pet...Oreo. So she's kept him away from them for the most part. Fortunately, since we just found out how the little nibblers can effect our boy, the last of them just died Tuesday... (guess which one lasted the longest... Oreo, of course)

If I still had a tub, I'd give some thought to taking my next bath face down in the water... Okay. I exaggerate. I'm not that depressed. But, I am so, SO sad!

Well, that's my sorry tale. Thanks for letting me vent. I wish I could say it made me feel better. I know it's supposed to help to open up the pressure valve and let off steam. But, I'm sorry to say...I don't feel better. Although it did feel good to spit out my aauugghhhh's and grrrrr's and CURSES while visually shaking my fist at the sniggering gods on Olympus.

another deep breath... I will not hold it until I turn blue. I'll let a big slobbery sob escape as I exhale slowly with a deep sigh and say good night.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Posies in My Heart

Anybody else out there itchin to get out in the dirt and plant a few bulbs, weed a garden, dig a furrow for snap peas? I can't wait one minute longer for this blasted snow to exit stage left and let apple blossoms and hyacinths take their turn center stage. I got so antsy that I dug out every silk flower I could find and stuffed them in every corner of my house. They're displayed on my loft, in vases, and on top of my kitchen cupboards. If mother nature won't let them dazzle me outside, I'll produce and direct my own flower show inside.

It's a poor substitute to be sure, not as good as posies in the garden... but, it does help keep the winter doldrums at bay. Flowers make me smile.

Speaking of smiles... have you all seen the incredible video of the 47 year old woman from Scoltand who made Simon Cowel's jaw drop on British Idol? I was smiling and laughing and crying. What a remarkable, uplilfting story she has become. I'd love to have that video piped into my home and play it over and over many times each day. Her voice is powerful, that's for certain. But, her spirit even more so. She is a gift to all of us who flounder in fear and self doubt. Those of us who have allowed ourselves to think "It's too late", or "Life has too many other plans for me", or "Who's ever going to notice anything I do?" There is just no reason for any of us not to follow our dreams, not to become whatever it is that we want to be or develop and showcase any talents we may be blessed with. She brought spring posies to my heart... and somehow, a spring to my step.

She may even be better than posies in the garden.