Monday, March 23, 2009

I think about it often, but

I think about it often
And I'd post here everyday
But there's so very little
That seems worthwhile to say

It either rains, or doesn't rain
It's either hot, or cold
The news is all uninteresting
Or else it's all been told.

What can I say... That's exactly what my thoughts are.

It's not that my life has been boring. It's just been...
how do I say it? Even...running ups and
downs, no roller coaster rides. My mind has been at rest.
I haven't been wondering about the secrets of the universe
the way I so often do. I haven't been looking for that
elusive "more" that regularly seems to nibble at my contenment.
For the moment, I seem to be wrapped up snuggly in all I've
ever wanted.

I suppose there are things out there that I would wish for...
my sons to have women to love and to love them being the primary
thing that comes to mind. But, I do know that isn't something
I'm going to be able to furnish them with. They are bright,
generous, witty, hardworking, honest and handsome men. They
are the jewels in my crown and they bring their father and me
such joy. When they visit the Hollow the hillsides and rafters
ring with laughter. There are cuddles on the couches, and hefty
appetites to be satisfied. Milk, fruit, eggs and cookies, seem
to consistantly and constantly disappear. They love working and
playing side by side with their father, and my heart swells when
I see them enjoying one another's company so completely.

So... even though I know that they are a little lonely now... I
also know that they will eventually find mates to share their futures.
That no longer is the worry to me that it once was. I will always pray
for companionship for them and I still wish on the occasional star for
them, but, I no longer obsess.

So, life is even, running smoothly, and my mind is at rest. There
just doesn't seem to be anything pressing to write about.

Know that you're thought about, respected, loved and appreciated.