Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tag... I'm it.

Tara tagged me with some questions that require at least some semblence of a memory. ha ha ha ha ha ahhhhhh ha ha ha. I can not remember what I was doing last Thursday and she wants to know:

What was I doing ten years ago?
1. Missing Chandi who had just become a bride.
2. Taking a great deal of pleasure in my first little grandson who was developing an extremely large vocabulary and making us all giggle a lot.
3. Working at North View Dental.
4. Loving Wayne and our children.

What was I doing five years ago?
1. Enjoying my second little grandson, who was full of vinegar and sweetness. A delightful combination.
2. Living too far away from my two cute grandbabies...
3. Gaining weight.
4. Loving Wayne and our children.

What was I doing five months ago.
1. If Chandi was on a cruise... then I was watching her three little boys.
2. Snuggling under a down comforter every chance I got cuz it was freaking COLD in Sanpete County!!!
3. Praying for summer to get here the first of April...shows you what kind of influence I've got.
4. Loving Wayne and our children.

Five things on my "To Do" list.
1. Call my high maintenance clients.
2. Write something on my blog. (well, something besides this)
3. Water and fertilize my flower gardens.
4. Throw something thru the t.v. screen (Wayne's watching "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly") Urp, Gag. Nasty movie!
5. Lose the weight I was gaining five years ago.

Five snacks I enjoy.
1. Hot Tapiocca pudding
2. Really high quality chocolates
3. 4. and 5. Grapes, tree ripened nectarines, cold crisp Gala apples (with p-nut butter), smoothies, cold cereal (dry... no milk) toasted English muffins (they make the best ones on the planet at a bakery in Ephraim). I think I overshot the mark, here.

Five things I'd do if I became a billionaire.
1. Write out a really hefty tithing check.
2. Set up scholarships at B.Y.U. Law School in my father's name, and missionary accounts for all my grandchildren and random needy families.
3. Set up trust accounts for my posterity.
4. Buy anything I wanted for anyone I felt like buying something for... yes, that means total strangers. Wouldn't that just be fun?? I'd have one whole bank account to use like a magic wand to grant wishes. I'd pay for dental work for a couple of my boys... Make a years house payments for lots of people to give them a chance to save and/or catch up. It also means me... flowers would be blooming everywhere at our little Kingdom at the Hollow. Wayne would have every piece of new farm equipment and cash to pay for a little help. sigh.....
5. Die with a smile on my face cuz I'd have had such a good time with my windfall. Heck... lots of people would have had a good time with my windfall.

Five bad habits
1. Eating in the car... from the minute I snap my seat belt to the time I take it off.
2. Putting off paying my bills just cuz I... well... I don't have a reason. It's just a bad habit. I open the bill, write out a check, put it in the envelope, place a stamp on it and carry it around in my purse until it's past due. Is that dumb or what?
3. Continue to drive without a license. I lost it... and I think it may be expired anyway. That's even dumber than item number two.
4. I "forget" to put my bra on. And when I do remember... I take it off in odd places.
5. I interrupt people when they're talking. Chandi loves me...but this particular habit of mine drives her nuts! And I give unsolicited advice... most of it probably bad.

Five places I have lived.
1. Southern and Northern California
2. Hawaii
3. Northern, Southern and Central Utah
4. The Pre-existance - not sure of the exact location
5. Paradise - The Hollow ... well, okay, it's not total paradise... but, it's close enough until I leave this mortal existance.

Five jobs I have had.
1. Hair stylist
2. Casualty Claims Adjuster - Allstate Insurance
3. Private Secretary
4. HIV/AIDS Director for American Red Cross
5. Realtor
and my FAVORITE:

Five people I will tag.
Are you KIDDING me? I want to hang on to the few friends I've managed to make.